Grad Exhibit

Photo by: Tiffany Lefebvre

An update from last week…

From May 3-5, the Bachelor of Photography Grad Show was on display at 99 Sudbury Gallery. In collaboration with Clare Vander Meersch (Director of Photography @ The Globe and Mail), each student showcased their best work at the 99 Sudbury Gallery, Toronto. 

Photos by: Byung Kyu Jacob Park

Our opening night was such a great turn out! I had the honour of being awarded Canon’s Best in Show for my installation and book Saturn, which were both on display at the gallery. A huge thanks to David White for his support this semester while creating Saturn, and the rest of our gallery team for their hard work putting this show together. Seriously couldn’t be happier to be a part of such a great group of talented people and to be recognized for all the work we’ve done these past few years.

Clare Vander Meersch & me

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