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Canada’s AI Explosion…

Globe & Mail: Report on Business Magazine

March 2018

“Canada’s AI Explosion…” Globe & Mail: Report on Business Magazine, March 2018

From Instagram:

Today we posted a story on the surging race to pioneer #artificialintelligence breakthroughs playing out on the 🇨🇦 landscape. There are 3 people on the planet credited with being the founding fathers of deep learning, one of the most promising branches of #AI. 2 of them work in Canada—Geoffrey Hinton in TO, and Joshua Bengio in Montréal. Both cities are amongst the fastest growing AI hubs in the world, and Edmonton will soon join their ranks, under the leadership of reinforcement learning guru Rich Sutton. What have they and their colleagues been working on lately? We visited their labs to find out. We sent young photographer @spencerblackwood to catch up with Brendan Fray in his TO lab at the Jlabs research center @MaRS. Frey is using deep learning to unlock the secrets of the human genome—and hopefully save lives. In this 📸, Blackwood uses a photographic approach blending a glitch effect added to an element of binary genetic code value (ATGC),into the script. The second image is a test for this script.

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